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Company Outline

Name IP Dream Inc.
Incorporated May 26, 2004
Capital 596,550,008 JPY
Head Office 3-9-14, Nishi shinagawa,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,141-0033 Japan
Address 8-minute walk from Osaki Station
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役員 President and CEO: Jiro SHIMOYAMA
Chairman, Board of Director: Masayuki SHIMURA
Senior Executive Vice President
& COO,Board of Director: Hironobu TACHIBANA
Executive Vice President, Board of Director: Yoshiko NAKABAYASHI
Executive Vice President
& CFO, Board of Director: Masanori SATOU
Vice President, Board of Director: Hiroshi ARAI
– Outside Directors
Shigeru TAKEDA (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member, Certified Public Accountant & Certified Tax Accountant)
Hiromasa FURUHATA (Audit and Supervisory Committee)
Yuzou YOSHIKI (Audit and Supervisory Committee)
Motohiro KUROSAWA (Attorney, Certified Tax Accountant)
Tsuyoshi TAKADA (Attorney)
Advisors Sachio NAGAMOTO
Employees 26 (as of June 30, 2021)
Major Clients Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment
WizWe Inc.
Acer Incorporated
MTG Inc.
On Gaku No Tomo Sha Corp
Kagoshima University
Canon Marketing Japan Inc. & Canon Marketing Japan Group
Optage Inc.
Shimane University
Suteki Inc.
Scalar Corporation
Seiko System Engineering Inc.
SECOM Trust Systems CO., LTD.
SoftBank Corp.
Tata Communications
Chuo University
TOUMEI Co., Ltd.
Trillion Co., Ltd.
JPBM (Japan General Incorporated Association of Professionals for Medium and Small Sized Business Management Ltd)
NOVA Holdings Co., Ltd.
NOVA Co. Ltd.
Power-All Networks Limited (a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group)
Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
University of the Ryukyus
Reiden Inc.